The 3 Tips You Should Know When Selecting a Silver Picture Frame

If you've always loved the beauty of sterling silver picture frames, but didn't want to spend that much on a frame then you should look at silver plated picture frames.

Why Buy Silver Plated Frames?
First of all, silver plated picture frames are significantly less expensive than real sterling silver frames. That's because instead of being 92.5% silver by weight like sterling silver, silver plated frames are made of a thin layer of silver that's electroplated to another metal. For high quality silver plated picture frames, the metal underneath the silver plate is brass whereas other less expensive frames use other types of metal.

Silver plated frames are an excellent alternative to sterling silver because of this process. Silver plate lets you enjoy the beauty of real silver without the high price tag of sterling silver. Silver plated picture frames are a great choice for a special gift or an important photo.

But before you start looking for a silver frame, here are three things to watch out for when buying a silver plated picture frame.

Make Sure the Frame has a Tarnish Resistant Coating
Silver naturally tarnishes with age and use, but a coating or lacquer over the silver will protect the frame from tarnishing. Most new high quality silver plated frames have a tarnish resistant finish, but check with your frame retailer to be sure.

If you're going to buy a silver plated picture frame, make sure that it's tarnish resistant especially if it's a gift. Nobody wants to get a gift that creates more work, so never give a silver picture frame unless it's tarnish resistant.

I strongly recommend that you never buy a silver plated frame without verifying that it has a tarnish resistant coating on the frame surface. If you have to polish your silver frame regularly, you won't enjoy it as much and will end up putting it away because it will be too much work to keep it looking shiny and beautiful.

Check if the Frame Can be Engraved
If you plan to buy a silver plated frame and have it engraved, be sure you purchase a frame that is made for engraving. To be engraved, a frame needs to have a smooth flat surface and the right type of finish. If you have a silver plated frame that's not meant to be engraved, you could end up with a two-toned engraving. The reason for this is that the metal underneath the silver eletroplated layer is not a silver colored metal. Once the frame is engraved and you realize the mistake, you will have a frame that is unattractive that you cannot return.

Set a Price Range or Budget for Your Frame Purchase
Whether or not you stick to a budget, it is a good idea to have a price range in mind when shopping for any quality silver frame. There is a wide range of prices and sizes available in silver plated frames so you should be able to find a frame you like in a price range you're willing to pay.

It's easy to spend more and get buyer's remorse if you don't set a price range for what you want to spend. Don't ruin your enjoyment of your beautiful new frame because you are kicking yourself for spending too much money. Find a price range that you are comfortable with and buy a gorgeous silver plated frame within that price range and you will enjoy your silver plated frame for many years.

Hopefully these tips will help you select the perfect silver plated frame for yourself or to give as a gift. With the beauty of your new silver plated picture frame, it will be a frame you'll enjoy and pass on to future generations to enjoy.


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